Ubiquis lectures the following Pentaho training classes:

Introduction to Pentaho BA server

  • Exploring the Pentaho User Console;
  • Pentaho Interactive Reports;
  • Pentaho Dashboards;
  • Pentaho Analyzer;
  • Pentaho Report designer.

Pentaho Data Integration

  • Introduction to PDI
  • PDI transformation and jobs
  • Data warehousing steps and techniques
  • Scheduling, logging and monitoring
  • Optimisation and performance

Mondrian and MDX

  • Designing Mondrian Schemas
  • MDX concepts (Dimensions, Hierarchies, Members)
  • Calculated measures
  • Sets and aggregations
  • Advanced MDX topics

Ctools dashboards

  • Creating and editing dashboards
  • Layout, components and data sources
  • Component parameters and listeners
  • Advanced component lifecycle topics
  • Custom components
  • Styling and theming
  • Advanced chart topics and image export

Architecture Workshop

  • Installation of Pentaho BA server
  • Server configuration and customisation
  • Authentication methods
  • Performance tuning
  • Single Sign-On
  • Theming
  • Data warehouse design and exploration
  • Scale and dimensioning of hardware and software

Introduction to Databases

Although not a Pentaho training course, it’s a useful first contact with databases and SQL for beginners and non-technical users. This training is provided directly by Ubiquis.

  • Database concepts
  • SQL syntax and simple SQL concepts
  • Table joins
  • Filtering and sorting data
  • Nested queries and advanced SQL topics
  • JDBC connections

If you’re interested in participating in one of these courses, please contact us through the link below.