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  • Graph Databases: Loading Data with Neo4j

    Graph databases are becoming more popular as a way of storing and analysing large connected datasets. Neo4j is a...

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  • Date Dimension Revisited: Bank Holidays

    Everyone familiar with data warehousing knows about the date dimension. It’s one of the first steps in the creation...

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  • Setup Pentaho BA Server to use SSL Certificates

    SSL Certificate Java Truststore Setup SSL, or Secure Socket Layer, is a technology which allows web browsers and web...

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  • Securing a Pentaho Server

    How to customise security and access This post will show you how you can restrict the access to your...

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  • Crosstabs in Pentaho Data Integration

    Using PDI to build a Crosstabs Report Recently we were in the midst of a migration from an older...

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  • Filling in the gaps

    Today I saw Harris Ward asking a question I’ve seen pop up over and over again. And somehow the...

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