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  • Data Integration

    Leverage the best ETL tools to bring data from disparate sources together, from databases to files to web APIs.

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  • Data Privacy

    Keep your data private and secure without compromising its utility, by using best of breed anonymisation tools and techniques.

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  • Graph Databases

    Look deeper into relationships, by calculating centrality, benchmarking social media influencers, detecting fraud and many other use cases with graphs.

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  • Data Ops

    Handle your organisation’s data workloads in a sound way that is traceable, auditable and easy to manage with our Data Ops philosophy.

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  • Cloud Migration

    Move to the cloud and take full advantage of its near infinite resources and break from legacy apps that are outdated and expensive to maintain.

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  • Data Virtualisation

    By using best of breed data virtualisation solutions we can help you combine data from multiple sources into a single reporting framework.

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  • Machine Learning

    Unlock the full potential of your data by combining AI and ML algorithms to find answers to the questions you didn’t even think of asking yet.

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  • Reporting

    Build pixel perfect reports and dashboards to present up to date and accurate information to stakeholders in your organisation.

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