Cloud Migration

Hosting dedicated machines can be expensive. Also, it doesn’t scale easily. If your data centre is at 80% capacity and you need to deploy 10 new apps you need to procure the hardware, install it, set it up, and then you can start developing code. If your app explodes and goes from 1k users/day to 1M you need it to scale quickly. This is hard to do in dedicated hardware and takes too long. Going to the cloud gives you elasticity and quick response times. You can deploy 200 machines to set up a distributed database or app in 30 minutes or less and scale it up or down at will. 

But, in order to get your data available in the cloud you need to move it there. Which can be tricky. Maybe you want to replace your old dedicated Oracle DB by another Oracle instance but in the cloud. But you may want instead to re-deploy the entire application and go with Amazon RDS, or postgres, or another db. Getting your data there is what cloud migration is.  

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